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On January 1, 2007, Thomas Health System, Inc., purchased Saint Francis Hospital. The health system was formed to forge a partnership based on the strength of two established hospitals—Thomas Memorial and Saint Francis. Bringing the two hospitals under the umbrella of the Thomas Health System allows us to bring innovative and cost-effective health care to the Kanawha Valley.

Each hospital is governed by its own board of trustees. An additional board of trustees—made up of members of both hospital boards—oversees Thomas Health System, Inc. The main focus, within the Thomas Health System, is to maintain the highest standard of service, while continuing the missions of both hospitals of being the first choice for those in need of healthcare.

What does this partnership mean to our community? The partnership between Thomas Memorial Hospital and Saint Francis Hospital means providing advanced technology to a larger community, with access to the highest quality of physicians, nurses and support staff in the Kanawha Valley.

Each hospital in the Thomas Health System, Saint Francis and Thomas Memorial, bring a rich history of serving our community. The Thomas Health System will build on those traditions to continue to provide our community with quality healthcare choices for many years to come. Thomas Health System—Your complete healthcare team.

The hospitals which make up the Thomas Health System - Saint Francis and Thomas Memorial - deliver a full range of healthcare services to our community.